Home Log Book

The Home Log Book provides a comprehensive record of what has taken place at a property and what has gone into the property at time of build, renovation or improvement.

For social landlords, new home builders and contractors, this means improved property management, better customer service and increased value.

The Home Log Book helps tenants and owners to be more engaged and better informed about their home enabling tenants to access their rent accounts, for example, or owners to better manage their home as part of the buying, owning and selling process.

The Home Log Book also provides a great platform for monitoring and displaying energy and utilties performance for the property. This  information can then be used to deliver savings to both the home owners/builders as well as the tenant. To find out more about how this can be achieved then take a look at our video case study by Scottish Water on how they are currently using The Home Log Book on their Social Housing Trials (SHT) and Water Efficiency Trials (WET) or visit the Water Efficiency website. 


  • An interactive home user guide
  • Store all property related information
  • Store legal and tenancy details
  • Manage energy efficiency projects
  • Manage smart metering and energy monitoring
  • Improve maintenance and management
  • Give out secure controlled access

Video Case Study: Scottish Water