Energy Log Book

The Energy Log Book (ELB) will monitor and manage your home energy usage and provide a lifelong record enabling future comparative analysis on energy usage.

The Energy Log Book, which is part of the Home Log Book, provides a great platform for energy and utilities smart metering and monitoring. When you come to install a smart meter in your property you can use the Energy Log Book to capture and manage this information. This builds up a great audit of your energy and utilities usage combined with information about the home, how it was constructed, materials used and even the occupancy make-up, which combined enable you to better understand utilities usage in the home.

Energy readings must be put into context of the property’s age, type and condition, the household structure and energy cost. A Home Log Book will store all this data enabling the occupant to change their energy usage appropriately thus saving energy, saving money and helping the environment.

The Energy and Home Log Book is already being used on the two largest water and energy efficiency projects in Scotland, for Scottish Water.


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