The Service Directory

  • The Service Directory
  • The Service Directory
  • The Service Directory
  • The Service Directory

The Service Directory Referral System (SDRS) is specifically designed to help Local Authorities  promote all key support services, including Third Sector agencies within their locality.

The SDRS is designed to enable citizens to access information about what support is available to them and where it is available,  based on their enquiry.

The principle is based on a No-Wrong Door approach whereby citizens can be referred by participating agencies or by themselves, so that support can be delivered as and when needed as efficiently as possible.

The desired outcome is to ensure that a person can be referred as quickly as possible to the right service.


Functionality includes

  • Electronic Directory of participating agencies and support services within the locality
  • The ability to electronically enable citizens to self-refer
  • Participating agencies can make referrals to each other as part of a No Wrong Door approach
  • Management Information can be generated to track referrals and links to outcomes
  • Uses Google Location Services to show the citizens the location of the support service/agency
  • Services can be categorised based on the most common enquiry types, making it easier for the citizen to locate who can best support them
Case Study : GBAS
Website : Birmingham Advice Services