Fintech Fast Pass Trailblazers

Etive are excited to be working with Machinelab Ventures and IBM Cloud for Financial Services as part of their Fintech Fast Pass (FFP) program.  This innovative initiative is designed to elevate fintech and AI brands into new realms of growth and opportunity.

The Fintech Fast Pass program offers an unparalleled, equity-free experience, eliminating financial barriers for its members and focusing solely on fostering innovation. The latest onboarded startups, which Etive are one, were selected for their potential and ingenuity, now have the chance to engage directly with industry leaders, bypassing traditional networking hurdles and gaining immediate access to pivotal resources and decision-makers.

The program facilitates the formation of powerful partnerships and alliances, opening up new avenues for innovation and collaboration within the financial industry.

For more information, please visit Machinelab Ventures.