Digital Log Book

Social landlords are under increasing pressure to reduce their operating costs to help bridge the gap caused by changes such as 1% reduction in rent levels.

This is happening at a time when tenants are demanding more support from HA/LA front line teams, as the implications of digital transformation and welfare reform take effect.

People now expect to be able to engage and transact digitally and many prefer to do so as it enables them to do it as and when they want.  SOCITM research highlighted that improved self service can reduce your costs by up to 24 times compared to a phone call or face-to-face.

The Digital Log Book will provide you with great cost savings and valuable insights into your customer’s vulnerabilities, whether it be financial, digital or employment related in a way that allows you to prioritise those in most need, so that you can provide support in the most cost effective way.


  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire to identify the support needs of your tenant, which can then be used to target your resources effectively to support the tenant in the most cost effective way.
  • Budgeting tool to track income and expenditure with access to key support services to encourage self-service.
  • Universal Job Match combined with a CV creator and a Claimant Commitment Journal to support your tenant find new employment.
  • Integrate with your existing digital channels to help optimise their growing use.
  • Enables your tenants to upload safely and securely documentation which can be used to support your identity verification processes
  • Enable your tenants to manage their own digital identity to access Government and local services.


  • Effective use of your front line teams to focus on those most vulnerable
  • Improved customer insight that enables you to identify key trends around tenants needs helping you to design future services
  • Improved tenancy sustainability and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced rent arrears through the early detection of those most likely at risk
  • Sign-posting third sector agencies to reduce the pressures on your own services
  • Enables your tenant to safely store key documents used to verify their identity
  • Reducing your cost to serve by transferring additional services onto on-line channels