We work with local authorities, RSLs, housing associations, new home builders, health care providers, financial service companies and estate agencies.

We work with people to help them create their own digital record enabling them to have the confidence and security to transact on-line.  Where other systems offer a quick housing solution, the Digital Log Book enables customers to access public services and prepare for welfare reform, ensuring digital and financial inclusion .

The key message our customers say is that ‘everything is in the one place’.  The Digital Log Book is a persons’ lifetime account which stays with them for life rather than having to create a new and different account every time they want to access a service from a different provider.  Combined with this customers are not tied to proprietary systems, which are not designed with the customer in mind.

“The Digital Log Book is a simple, easy-to-use and personalised digital tool” – Birmingham City Council

Once a person has been established digitally, we connect them to a Home Log Book.   We work nationally and locally to help the provision and delivery of public and private services to people, based on their choices and location.  Once someone has set themselves up with a Digital Log Book it stays with them no matter where they move , as we are here for them too.

This is what our customers tell us they want and like, making it easier for people.

Ashley Community Housing
Barratt Homes
Birmingham City Council
CALA Homes
Family Mosaic
Glasgow Housing Association
Green Square Group
Home Group
Kingdom Housing Association
Land Securities
Miller Homes
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Scottish Water
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