Case Study: Birmingham City Council



Birmingham City Council is Europe’s largest local authority.  They have over 1 million customers and provide social housing owning and managing over 64,000 homes.

Universal Credit (UC) Pilot

Birmingham City Council (BCC) was selected as one of the initial Universal Credit pilot sites for the roll out in 2013.

BCC wanted a digital tool that would help their new tenants manage their tenancies more effectively, especially within the first 12 months.

Etive and BCC worked together to develop the Digital Log Book, which was issued to all new tenants to help them:

  • Understand their tenancy
  • Manage their finances and budgeting
  • Improve their prospects for finding employment
  • Improve their Health and Wellbeing
  • Improve their digital skills so they can access on-line services

The outcome of the pilot delivered an average return on investment to Birmingham City Council of approximately £75 per new tenant.


Video Case Study

Find out how this was achieved in the following video.

My Work Journey

The success of the Universal Credit Pilot led to the DWP approaching BCC to work on another project called the My Work Journey. The aim of this project was to target unemployed people and identify the barriers that were preventing them from finding employment.  Then provide them with support and access to services to remove these barriers.

The project supported nearly 400 people back into some kind of work related activity.  Combined with this success was that the project as a whole delivered the lowest cost per outcome as compared to other similar related projects undertaken across England.