Attending World Smart Cities Congress in Barcelona with BCC

We’re at the World Smart Cities Congress, on the UKTI  Pavilion, with Birmingham City Council (BCC), who are 1 of the key UK Smart City exemplars.  The Congress, being held in Barcelona, has brought together cities from all round the world, suppliers, solutions and innovations to demonstrate examples of what is happening on the whole agenda of smart cities.  There are a range of solutions ranging from mobility, waste management, connectivity right through to the innovations around the use of drones, citizen engagement to retail and leisure.  What’s been really educational is learning about the innovations of the likes of Bristol, Manchester and Milton Keynes and what they have been doing as part of their focus for Smart Cities.  What has also been interesting is trying to understand what a ‘smart city’ actually means and how different people interpret it in so many different ways.  What is clear is that there are a wide variety of opportunities that are being brought together and the sharing of ideas and experiences, what’s worked and not worked.  Attached is Raj Mack discussing Birmingham’s Smart City Road Map in one of the breakout sessions and I was kindly able to present how BCC are using the Digital Log Book for citizen engagement.