Etive Technologies Limited

Etive is a digital data management solutions company, simplifying digital identity management for local authorities, housing associations and 3rd sector and land and property information.  This is achieved through the Digital Log Book® and Property Log Book®.

The Digital Log Book® (DLB) is a personal data store that lets a person store, manage and share their information in a secure and structured way, to whomever they want and access public services using their digital identity credentials.  The DLB ensures GDPR compliance and is owned by the citizen.

The Property Log Book® (PLB) is used by home builders, solicitors, local authorities and social landlords improving access to property information.  The PLB is a secure system enabling you to manage information about a home and share this as and when required.  The PLB helps owners and tenants to be more engaged and better informed about their home enabling owners to better manage their home as part of the buying and selling process, for example, or helping tenants to access their rent accounts and better manage their property rental.

43,000+ Property Log Books for private homes

145,000+ Property Log Books for RSLs/LAs

1,400+ Property Log Books for homeowners

11,000+ Digital Log Books


Etive Technologies was formed in 2011, company number is SC407510 and we are covered by the Data Protection Act Z2859330.  Etive are also Cyber Essentials Certified QGCE1132.

Our registered offices are 125 Princes St, Edinburgh, EH2 4AD, with a trading office in Edinburgh

Our core principle is that through an assured verified identity we can link a person to their home.  Using their identity people can then better manage their home, more securely, and be better able manage their consent diven identity, improve access to services and better facilitate the home buying and selling process. Our services build trust and reliance into data sharing, property transactions and property rental.


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